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Welcome to the Sprudio Subliminal Audio Studio.

"Sproo" is the nickname that, combined with "studio," gives us Sprudio™ and this space.

Our company started in 2005. At that time we used a different website and different name. In 2006 we decided to retool and establish the name Sprudio. Before launching the current site(s), we took many additional classes and learned a bit more about the human brain (and its various states), the subconscious mind and hypnosis. We attended the Los Angeles Hypnosis Institute. We called upon our previous background(s) in digital audio signals, business management and accounting, and put the whole machine together over the next couple of years. We like the business because it's so interesting! And we have some ideas for the future of subliminal audio, as well.

Our business plan and philosophy are ultra-consumer-friendly by design. After all, if we're to make a difference, our product needs to be widely and easily available (it had better not cost much). Many of you have discovered this.

Today we continue to learn. We never automatically incorporate a new idea or method, but we do keep open minds when it comes to new music and suggestions from some of our clients.

Our Mission is to serve you.

We have carefully crafted all of our CDs to create a high quality range of products that can be used effectively by anyone. Many people have been nice enough to give us advice with regard to what they are looking for in a subliminal product. We listen to everyone and improve our product line every year based on feedback, suggestions, technology - and sometimes, new music.

We are believed to be the first to offer silent subliminal technology within conventional CDs and instant .mp3 downloads. Not that it was a profound discovery on our part or anything, we were just the first ones that incorporated it as a standard choice (for the same price as any other track).

We are dedicated to provide excellent customer service, because we have witnessed the decline of it. People hear about and know this about us, but they're still surprised by the VIP treatment for spending ten dollars! We know what it's like to be on the receiving end of inadequate service when we buy a product, all too often, so we're careful to keep our clients happy.


Meet the Creators

My name is Sproo. How do you do? I married Elena. it was a no-braina.

Let's let her go first:

My name is Elena Asprooth, I live in Southern California with my husband Dave and our cat. I arrived in the USA in 2003 with two suitcases and a lot of hope. Since I was in my mid-30's at the time, life here was not so easy for me. It was hard to understand the culture and the language. I was born and raised in Romania - I come with a lot of memories and knowledge based on my culture.
I tried to adapt myself and learn the language; watching TV, reading books, and of course using my translation dictionary.
In my country I held a few important jobs that I can’t perform here because of the language barrier. I was a chemist at a wine company, an accountant, and for a time, I even read tarot as a professional. But I felt so tired after each session that I gave up. I was putting too much of myself into the readings. Then I had my own business in Romania (a small casino!) for a while before coming to the United States.
Because of culture shock I felt insecure and shy in the USA, so my husband introduced me to self help in the form of hypnosis and subliminal audio CD's. I was fascinated, and from that moment I never stopped reading about self help. One book that really helped me was Professional Hypnotism (2001) by Dr. John Kappas.
New horizons opened for me- and like anyone else, I had always ask myself, “Why am I on Earth, and what is my mission?.”
Then I realized that I want to help others.
I have met many people in the last 7 years, people from all other the world. I interact with every one of them, and I usually learn something from them. People that turn toward subliminal are really open minded people that know themselves better then they think. They are good people with good intention and I am just a passing point that reinforces their beliefs.
Every time someone writes to us about the experience they had with our subliminal I cannot express my happiness.
So this is who I am. This is our business and we (my husband and I) love it. My husband is the writer, he composes the affirmations and records some of the content that is used in the subliminal range.  I am the technician behind the scenes that creates each mix, keeping the records and mixing with background, changing the frequency and using all sorts of software programs to deliver to you the final product.

Very impressive, Thank you Elena.

I'm always asking Elena where stuff is. I would like to think that one of the reasons she is here on Earth is to help me find it. I am getting more organized, it's a continuing process.

My turn:

My old life matters in the capacity that I closely witnessed hundreds (if not thousands) of examples of dysfunctionality in both social and business settings in society, and that I was paying attention. Plus, those were the years in which I perfected my avoidance of doctors (so far, so good). I was always impressed by positive people who are not easily discouraged, curious about the thinking behind personal success. Oh this might count, I took Psych 101, and Abnormal and Experimental Psych classes in JC in the mid-1970s. Interesting stuff all, to say the least, but not for me at the time. With no clear path I stopped the Junior College gig pre-degree (being the dynamic trend-setter) and got a UAW mechanic's job in a large midwestern machine factory.

Next was a large defense contractor or two, and plenty of continued education in Southern California- 1983-2006, jobs ranging from tech to engineer, to low level management, downsized. Layed Off. Have a nice day but you're going to have to go and do something else now. Fine! Activate backup plan with Wife. Displaced aerospace people have been invading the private sector with their design skills for many years. Look at what has happened to sports equipment! Our chosen field happens to be subliminal audio. We treated it as a project manager would, with an eye toward superior quality, customer service and low cost. It is not a hugely popular product, but the lion's share of the planet is our store, via the internet. So we survive. And it really is critical to be a positive thinker during these challenging times. With all the subliminal messages flying around in here (our studio), I can't help but get excited about the future!

In addition to helping Elena with English (please excuse any uncorrected content that I haven't discovered yet), which can be difficult because she is such a dynamic content creator, I'm working on some future products and even a book- which is about halfway finished at the time of this writing. Also I'm crazy for digital photography and Photoshop .

Thanks for visiting!

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