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Subliminal CDs can keep motivation very high.  By the simple practice of using subliminal CDs (or .mp3 tracks) on a regular basis, lives can be (and are) greatly improved and massive amounts of weight can be lost.  This is because subliminal audio can eliminate self-sabotage and move people in the direction of their goals more readily.  It is important to establish communication between the conscious and subconscious- a very powerful team when in tune. Subliminal CDs can sharpen focus, improve mental clarity and elevate mood.  Subliminal CDs are also very simple to use.  Merely by listening to the tracks daily, great positive life changes can be accomplished very easily and effectively.
Weight loss is one of the most popular goals that people use subliminal audio to help accomplish. It is recommended to use positive affirmations and begin a regular exercise program.  Some may consider joining a group to obtain emotional support.  Use subliminal CDs every day in order to stay moving in the right direction.  These steps will help achieve weight loss and a powerful feeling of success in record time.

Every title in our store is available in CD or .mp3 format, and with a choice of incredible background music, ocean waves or no audible track whatsoever (Silent Subliminal Technology by Sprudio).

We are celebrating 11 years. Read our feedback and see what others are saying!

Just click on product list and go to your target subject(s). We provide the affirmations that are contained in subliminal tracks and some free samples to try out..

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Custom Subliminal


We can quickly create a custom subliminal for you, using your own words. It is that simple. All you have to do is to complete the form, insert your own words, choose the background, pay and you are done. We will do the rest. Our subliminal is genuine and not placebo. We'll automatically edit your verbal content to optimize effectivity using the principles of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), which basically means that we attempt to speak to the subconscious in its own language- not too lengthy or complex. Do not use negative terms; positive statements only.

The time frame to create a subliminal is short. For an MP3 you can expect your download link in 2-8 hours; CDs ship next business day. Our rates are very low; this does not mean that our subliminal product is inferior or ineffective. Contrary; we are careful about the quality of every single order, and our clients continue to rave about their results! We say why are they so surprised?

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You can read our real feedback from real people. Each of them gave us the green light to post their feedback. And it's true: We still have 100% feedback for quality and customer service.
People are impressed when they receive a quality product and excellent customer service for the lowest cost- some even report amazing results! Probably significantly due to effort on the individual's part, but we helped!
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