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Subliminal messages cdsWe offer several subliminal tracks FREE in MP3 format. No membership required. These are short sessions, 10 minutes, and few video subliminals for viewing. So visit our free page, play a sample or two. If you have success or interest, we are hoping that you'll come back and invest in some of our unique self help tools. If the free subliminal is effective at all, then you will really be impressed with our full versions!. This is our guarantee that we are genuine and we trust your judgment. Pay Nothing; test your abilities to accept personal subliminal audio in your life.Read more

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Subliminal worksWe have one blog where we post our newsletter, Subconscious Times, and one for customer feedback. You are welcome to subscribe and post your impressions, questions or experiences.
Since our policy is NO spam, ever, we will never send you unsolicited messages, newsletters, links, ads or offers.
We know that aggressive marketing techniques can increase business and perhaps our bottom line; however, we view pressure in sales negatively as consumers ourselves. So in addition to increasing our library of titles and products, we created this separate environment to help answer questions and get the word out. Sprudio Subliminal customer service is legendary to our growing hordes of followers! We have great customers already, and they appreciate our 'retro' approach to quality and service. So go ahead and read our newsletter and/or peruse our free samples as outlined below if you are subliminal-curious in any way. There is quite a lot of information and material that may interest you.

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You can read our real feedback from real people. Each of them gave us the green light to post their feedback. And it's true: We still have 100% feedback for quality and customer service.
People are impressed when they receive a quality product and excellent customer service for the lowest cost- some even report amazing results! Probably significantly due to effort on the individual's part, but we helped!
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