Subliminal audio is not dangerous and cannot make you do things against your will; behavioral changes can only take place if and when a person makes an effort to change- or perhaps when the message is purely positive, he or she merely needs encouragement.

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Q: What is Silent Subliminal? (aka: Ultra subliminal)
Silent subliminal does not mean silence in the literal or strict sense of the word. In the case of subliminal audio it simply means that there is no background audible track (music or nature sounds) added. Verbal messages are presented at the inaudible range of frequency; the ear picks it up, but we cannot "hear" it consciously. Conversely, the subconscious is much more sensitive. If this interests you, or if you feel skeptic about the technology, by all means research the subject before trusting anyone!

What should I know about your Subliminal?
Expect the subliminal labeled “silent” to appear totally soundless even though playing. The frequency is largely inaudible and cannot be understood by your conscious mind. Audio with embedded subliminal messages is safe. As a rule, you should not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to a relaxing track such as "Overcome Insomnia: Sleep Better."

How long do I need to use it?
Subliminal audio is designed to replace old habits and inner belief systems that are stuck in the subconscious.  Results may typically be seen between 3 days (for very receptive people under very good conditions) and 2 weeks, depending on hours of use per day.  Subliminal programs should be used for a minimum of one hour per day for a minimum of 30 days.
Because subliminal is not a quick fix , the change must first be accepted by the subconscious mind before new habits can take place, and the process of acting upon it may take several weeks or months to show results - depending on what is being done and for how long you had the undesired behavior.
Some subliminal programs are designed for very long term use.  An example would be Millionaire Mind Program, which is designed to be used until you achieve the goal of becoming a millionaire, which may be two, three or four years.  All of our products are designed to be used until the results are achieved, and should be used every day for at least one hour per day.

How much time per day should I use it?
1-2 hours per day in order to not overload the subconscious. Overloading will result in refusing to accept the positive reinforcement.

Can I do other things while the subliminal plays?
Yes! Our subliminal programs are designed to be as useful as feasible. This means that not only can you do other things while you use subliminal, but you’ll be able to do other activities as well. Please read What should I know about your Subliminal? above, as well.

Do I need Headphones?
No, our subliminal tracks do not require headphones. Headphones are recommended when you would like to make use of your subliminal without affecting the people around you or shut out unwanted noise.

Silent is supposed to be soundless, but I hear a high-pitched whine/static.
A substantial whine generally signifies subsequent issues:
1-You are playing the track too loud (the volume is too high).
2-You have exceptional hearing.
3- You are not used (accustomed) to subliminal.
4- The equipment used is old .
5-You are under 27 years old. Young men and women possess excellent hearing..

Try lowering the volume to a reasonable level.
If you are hearing static this is a definite indicator that either the player or the speaker/headphones cannot handle ultrasonic signals. This occurs on non-standard gear occasionally.
1. Check the volume. Adjust your volume using an audible mp3 (your own music). When you consider the sound is at normal level, play the subliminal.

How many of these subliminal programs can I use at once?
1-Never use more than three applications at the same time.
2-Use the programs for as much time as you can, but at different points in the day, and give your brain a rest.
Example, at 10 am use one program, then at 12 pm another program.
3-The fewer the programs you use at once, the faster each will take hold.
Feel free to contact us with any questions. We answer quickly.

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